WORK in Progress

I have decided to come down to two colour.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 4.44.05 pm

The green one or the blue one? The green one is more of a nature aspect, for example when you go travelling you get to see the beauty of other cultures and the nature they have to offer. But the second one it shows the colour of travelling and being up in the sky. The sky is blue, so I put down 2 different colour of hues of blue to keep the consistency.


Vectors/ Pen tool


2 or 3 weeks ago I learnt during class on how to use the pen tool. Now with the practices that I have done, I feel quite confident creating vectors from images. I created this image with the     photo I have of my friend.


I made her slightly darker contrasting to her natural skill. Just knowing with only using the pen tool for only one day, I feel quite confident in using it for my infographic.

The designs that I would most likely be creating would likely be inspired by this image you can see below:


This is idea I want to create with my image. By drawing famous and monumental buildings in different parts of the world, I have to use the pen tool.

Colour Schemes

For the colour schemes that I want to go for my infographic is something to what you can see below. It would most likely change probably due to my interest in colours, however I would use these images to focus where I want to lead my infographic.

You can see that these colours involve the colours blue and green with something orange or a dirty yellow which has a contrast effect. And in these infographics you see that the vectors/icons pop up indicating where things are which is the idea that I want to put into my infographic. The reason being is when you travel you go to these places, so that idea was there are pins located in the world map, which is the background of the infographic, and in each pin point you get to see a fact to why is travelling is good for you.


Yesterday during class we learnt using pathfinders in illustrator. It was my first time using illustrator so it was something new and different. I thought I was very okay using photoshop, but by using this it was completely different to what I have expected.

We learnt how to group shapes together, by using the shortcut command + g and also learning how to use the ‘Boolean Operator’.

The boolean operator (path finder) has four components

  • subtract
  • add
  • intersect
  • exclude


You can see from this image the usage of these pathfinders.