Work in progress

I have drawn 3 drafts for my A4 style of info-graphic, you can see below.

New Doc_1 New Doc_2

I’m going to start explaining the idea from the bottom up.

The last two images, I thought of having a map where there are pop ups from different points, and with those different point, we see that it’s like where the plane is taking its routes, but for this idea I was planning on putting the reasons why you travel. And in different point you put the location logo in like how we see in google maps.

Same goes with the last image, but what I did I took it more of a first person view. Instead of having the map layout, you see on the sides that there are hands involved. So the person that is viewing is looking at the map. Another different approach to this is also saying the reasons but putting them in a suitcase, that is located below.

The reason why I want to put the first image explanation last is because I feel this is the idea that I want to go for and pursue for my final image. I thought of the idea of a person who is backpacking, which is the main subject of the image, and also travelling to see the world. To show that, in the background I want to put different monumental buildings from the most famous places in the world (Taj mahal, dubai, eiffel tower, amsterdam, sydney).

Adding on the reasons as to why you should travel, I am planning to put it in the monuments. Collaborating the words in the buildings so that it won’t clutter.


One thought on “Work in progress

  1. Yohanna I’m loving your progress! These drawings are really good and the thematic approach really conveys your message. I personally am really fond of your concept on the bottom right as it is simple and clearly shows that it is about travelling the globe. The fact that it looks as though someone is holding it is another aspect I love. I feel that the top image is quite cluttered and there is a lot going on visually in the background which may override the text and be hard to read. You could possible combine the best elements from each to come up with a new solution. This could be an image of the person in front of the map and in the shape of the countries could be the typography of the reasons why? I’m not sure but that may work 🙂 all the best Yo! I’m excited to see how this ‘takes off’ 😉


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