For my image, you can tell that I have used colour a lot. I think for me colour is the most important because in the black and white, you could see that there is a bad connotation upon it, and the fact also to symbolise that the world we live in are in black and white. To emphasise that woman are either ‘this or that’ or men can be this type of person.

The person who is in black and white is wearing clothing completely different to the clothes that she is wearing through the mirror. The clothes that she is wearing is something completely bland and making it seem like she wearing office clothes.

When the person in black and white is wearing clothes and applying make-up, you see through the mirror she is wearing something completely different. She is wearing something out of the ordinary, wearing the colour red somehow a connotation of someone being rebellious. The word rebellious in a way someone who is breaking the boundaries of what people expect of them. The colour red makes a very good representation in a person breaking boundaries, and something of the ordinary. It’s also suggesting that push of a phrase saying ‘that it’s okay to be different’ which is completely what the article says.

Mirror is a place where we often see who we really and truly are, we often see ourselves in the mirror every morning and try to adjust ourselves and see if we are looking okay. But most importantly we see who we want to be, we imagine ourselves being someone else and being someone else is who we truly are deep inside.

In the article it says that women are tend to be people who are in the kitchen and has to become mothers, while men suppose to be ‘tough’ and have to support their families in terms of their income. All these come as stereotyping, and with this image you see these values.

I remember in class, I learnt that you can make a mask and if you want to take some subject away in the image you can paint it black to make it erased. I thought of this technique really useful as it is the main technique I used when creating this image. I had to use this technique when I had to erase the real reflection in the mirror and replace it with the other image, her rebellious side. In classes we have also learnt not to make a destructive image, therefore I had another that I had to make where it is in black and white. That way, when I was debating whether or not I should make it in black and white, I can back and keep it as is.


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