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Hey Em! Awesome stuff with your editing skills, I think they all look like it all fits together. I think your clouds really do look like clouds. My only concern with this image would probably be the prism behind the flying girl. I do not know the relevance, so from this I feel like maybe clarify a bit more in a sense. Possibly, make it seem more visible?
Another one wold be the watch, just to keep an eye on making it the same exposure and saturation as the images around it, but I feel you can execute that really well.

I just thought of another tip, maybe enlarge you sister sleeping I guess? To create a bit more impact and your idea of her controlling her dreams? I feel it would be create a bit more impact when she it is a close up of her sleeping. But other than that, your editing skills are a 10/10

Hey Nat! Really good idea with your article and the meaning on what you are trying to achieve here. Just maybe an idea with your images in terms of maybe colour, if you haven’t thought of it or maybe you have, maybe show the colours of the poisonous stuff in a dark colour ( like black) or maybe like the stuff in the bouquet are in black and white while everything else are in colour. However, I’m really keen to see in how this turns out!

Hey Jarrod! I really like your article, I think it really shows what we are dealing in our society at the moment. I’m just thinking in terms on what kind of images you are going to take to make your vision in a visual text. However, really keen to know what you are going to do next!

Hey Hamish, great article to select! Adding on the previous comment, I don’t know if you have thought of this before but maybe indicating policemen maybe adding on the red and blue colours? like connotations of the police? just an idea to help you out

Hey LorettaI think you have done more work compared to some students ( as in me ), I really like your idea and I could totally see your idea forming into some kind of this image. Awesome selection of article, can’t wait to see the final product!


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