Research 4, choice of colours

I was looking more into depth about what colour I would use, looking back to the photo there are some connotations and shadows that are portrayed in the photo. When you see the girls in the mirror, you get to see the dark shadows and highlights as well.

Dark shadows meaning that it is something bad and the feeling of the worse is yet to come. While bright coloured are often the idea of happines and something good is about to happen. I am thinking of applying these with the factors they have and add the bad shadows where the person is in reality while the person in the mirror is more exposed and have a better sunlight.

I was also thinking of connotations of the colours that are chosen, and I was thinking of what the colour of the person should wear should also be connotations. The person in reality should be wearing colour that is something off-putting and dark (black, grey or dark blue) while the person in real life should be wearing a colour that is un expected and something that looks like she is about rebel, because the person you see in the mirror is a person who is not what society expects, and the colour red offers that message.


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