Research 1, use of colour and technique


This is the photo that resembles what I want my image to be. In real life, they are being someone who they are now but when you look in the mirror, they look like they are someone on what the society wants to be. That is what my image atmosphere want to be like and also the technique of the mirror usage wants to be.

The atmosphere that is in this image is the kind of atmosphere that I want to put in my image. It has more of a grey filter and has a good composition.

For this type of editing to be feasible, this relates back to when in class we did the editing of the hamster on a mushroom and wearing a bini.

It is a two photo manipulation, so I guess finding the right angle to fit the image in the mirror. Taking the photo from where she is standing or taking the photo somewhere else and having to edit the background by making it seem like it is the reflection. This idea for it to implement are the process that we worked on the hamster on the mushroom.


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