Thumbnails and sketches

Excuse my expertise in drawing, but the idea that I want to bring in my image is completely different to the initial idea that I wanted to do. From what others have said in my comment, I feel this is a more of a refined idea as some people have said that my idea would clutter the canvas.

The idea that I want to potentially grow can be seen in this image.

1. I20150331_124731n this image you see the environment that we live in, in an urban area and by that you see people walking around minding your own business, but the people around are the same people. I feel by having the same people it really entails on how people are assigned to particulars role that society and the environment are giving to them. That you have to be mother, seeing a woman in stroller, builders and workers around the town, what men are supposed to be doing but what you don’t see is the freedom on whatever they want to be. No one is being different, no one is getting out of the social norm, it’s almost kind of mundane to look at which I think what society kind of is right now. That we are all entitled to a particular gender role we have to play which is influenced by what the society in putting on us.

20150401_1606402. In this image, you can see a girl looking at herself in the mirror. However in the mirror, she sees herself in another different figure, as a boy. I feel seeing yourself in the mirror really helps us identify who we really are as a person. That right now in reality we are dressing up and covering up to the person the society expects us to be, rather than having to really go through to who you really are.

20150401_1606333. From this image, same concept of the mirror image, but I added a concept of a younger person being in the image. I feel this adds the concept of someone growing up as a person and that child is expected to be like this. At first, you don’t get to see who is the person that the small child is holding, but then you get to see the reflection in the mirror and realise that who you see in the mirror is the person who the small child is going to be or expected to be.


4. In this image, i put the paper into half and make it seem like it’s two photos but you see both side of the gender, male and female which is what the article mentioned. You see in the image that there are people in the background, I was expecting in the back it’s the same person in the foreground and being who they expected to be. I wanted to add the concept of the canvas in half because it seems like the men’s and the women’s life are so different from each other, like they are opposite and it seems like it is bad for you to go to the other side. Like it isn’t normal, which what says in the article.
20150401_160616 (1)5. In this image, you get to see that they are in the city and there are two kids in the middle and they are looking at each other, while the adults that are standing next to them are looking the other way. Just them looking at each other shows the curiosity or like the idea of people expecting them to be someone and that someone is someone are next to them. Also adding a person who is young at this image shows that we grow with this expectation.


2 thoughts on “Thumbnails and sketches

  1. I think the mirror concept thumbnail is a great option, it is strong and helps convey your communicative objectives. I feel the others are very powerful, but not as strong as the mirror thumbnail. Overall, I think which ever one you choose it will be strong and successfully communicate your objectives to the viewers 🙂


  2. Yes! I really do like the 2nd Idea! I think it’d be a great concept, only thing it could be hard to portray your certain message because it could come off as maybe bullying? as mental illness problem, fantasy, weight problems. but I say go for 2nd its a challenge but I’m sure you’ll work this one out fine!


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