Communication objectives

In this article it said that the environment shapes on how we are as a person, which I believe it’s true. If you grew up in a poor, dangerous environment with a high criminal rate, then therefore you either grew up in a mindset of being a criminal or take it the other way around and try to not be a criminal. Therefore for my image, I really want to capture the environment of how women and men are perceived as.


In the image, I am planning to cut the canvas half so that it has two sides.

To show how men live in an environment, I envisioned a man looking directly to the person who sees this image but behind that the man, it shows what he has dealt with in the environment that he lives in, for example his father is talking down to him, to show the anger and the fury the father is portraying are by the long 3 lines cartoon make that shows loud and anger. Also adding to that, other experiences such as him playing sports and the coach is being angry implying that boys are suppose to be good at sports and also showing that the way on how they improve would be through barking out their flaws and having them to ‘man up’. Another idea that I want to do by showing boys to ‘man up’ is by a person getting angry, probably the dad of the image standing on top of the staircase while the boy is standing, looking down, at the bottom of the staircase. 

Same idea for the woman side,  however things that are happening in the background are some men doing some ‘cat talking‘ along the way while she is walking on the sidewalk. Since I can’t use words of what people say when they cat talk to women, I was thinking of men laughing, pointing, showing the mouth of when people whistling and out of it are the symbols that indicates music. 

Those are all my ideas so far, I am open to more ideas/improvements on what I should do with my image.


2 thoughts on “Communication objectives

  1. I’m not sure how useful this may be but if you wanted some more context or background to your idea then B.F Skinner & John B. Watson are some of the founding figures around behavioural psychology and particularly conditioning to an environment given the right stimuli.

    In regards to your objectives though it should be quite a thought-provoking piece since the awareness of gender roles in society are so much more prevalent now more than ever. Have you considered though just doing either male or female and not both? Just thinking about space and how busy you want your final image to be is all, maybe you could even combine male and female to include LGBT even?


  2. I think this is an issue that is found largely within our society and is an excellent choice for an article as is affects our everyday life and the future of humanity in general. Your ideas are very creative and represent the discussion within the article quite well although it may be a bit busy to put into one image.
    Perhaps not focus on gender but on age, I was thinking maybe like the books animorphs but someone young next to someone smoking morphing to a grown up of them doing the same thing? Just to compact your ideas a little bit maybe. Just so your image isn’t too complicated!

    Awesome article and very relevant to people as well.


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