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For my infographic, I wanted to make sure that the viewer can read it thoroughly, relate able while adding small aspects of going travelling, such as the famous landmarks from all around the world.

In the A4 image, I wanted to show the connotations of travelling and to make the audience feel like they should consider travelling. In the A4, there are famous landmarks from every each point and in each point I have added I made a vector that relates to the point, and a vector that represents each point. I made each point into its own separate space as it would be very easy to read to the viewer.

I have used 3 fonts ‘ Bebas, Vibur and neuton’ all from Da fonts website. In the title, I used BEBAS for ‘benefits of’ and use vibur for ‘Travelling’. I wanted to make a contrast between these words because I wanted to make the word ‘travelling’ stand out because it is the main keyword of the infographic. In class, there was a quote that said ‘Typography is what language looks like’ and I feel vibur shows the representation of the word ‘travelling’. The reason why is because of the word, it is linking and it seems like when you travel you tend to note down what you have done and planning to when you are writing it down in your diary, and that’s how I thought of. Not only that, I added the plane next to it as it is like the airplane is writing the word travelling on a cloud.

The colour that I have used is green with lighter shade of green, the reason being is that I feel the world has nature and during class, colours shows connotation and also colour are more receptive compared to others, such as the colour red.

The colour green can be associated with many things, for example life, renewal, energy and growth.  When you are travelling you experience new things and meet other people from across the globe and also people in the country you are in and from that, you then experience a set of life before your own, you have a sense of growth from yourself and you ‘learn who you are’ as a person, that you know for life will be something worth while.

For each point there is a semiotic for each point, even though it is not in detail, the silhouette identifies of what it is. For example, the taj mahal, eiffel tower or the opera house, you understand what they are without having to have the name next to it and making it a bit more detailed. Also with the vector next to each point, such as the hand, puzzle, person’s head and an eye, it shows the visual communication of what the title of the point means. For example, the eye ‘new perspective’, to enable for you to get a new perspective is by seeing what is happening in front of you. Another example would be ‘learn who you are’ as the pieces of the puzzle. Most people that travellers are people who are young because they are trying to find out who you are, putting the pieces together and learning who you are before you let the world know who you are.

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WORK in Progress

I have decided to come down to two colour.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 4.44.05 pm

The green one or the blue one? The green one is more of a nature aspect, for example when you go travelling you get to see the beauty of other cultures and the nature they have to offer. But the second one it shows the colour of travelling and being up in the sky. The sky is blue, so I put down 2 different colour of hues of blue to keep the consistency.

Another draft, WIP

I thought I should change the title of my infographic as I thought it seemed more appropriate. Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.25.03 am

Excuse the orange, I screenshotted the image and the layer line showed. Without the orange, it is white same as each block. I feel this could be my final image but if you feel there is still small room for improvements, please let me know!